The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR is a germanium detector array with the primary goal of demonstrating the feasibility of tonne-scale experiments to search for double beta decay in germanium-76.

“The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR will search for the neutrinoless double-beta decay... of the Ge isotope with a mixed array of enriched and natural germanium detectors. The observation of this rare decay would indicate the neutrino is its own anti-particle, demonstrate that lepton number is not conserved, and provide information on the absolute mass-scale of the neutrino.”

-The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR: Progress Towards Showing the Feasibility of a 76Ge neutrinoless double-beta decay experiment. LA-UR-12-24950

The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR (pics.sanfordlab.org)

The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR is housed nearly a mile underground. Above are the beginning stages of the cavern where the Majorana Demonstrator was eventually built. Shotcrete has been sprayed onto the walls for ground support. (pics.sanfordlab.org)