Diamond Detector

Diamonds have several properties which make them the ideal material for use in synchrotron beam lines, including their hardness, solar-blindness, low-Z, high thermal conductivity, and radiation hardness. A team from Brookhaven National Laboratory is at the forefront of diamond x-ray diagnostics for use in beam lines.

A diamond imager with 1000 pixels developed by the instrumentation division at Brookhaven National Laboratory. This device is capable of nondestructively, real time imaging a focused white x-ray beam with 60 um pixels, and also works for monochromatic beams. Diamond is a remarkable material for radiation detection and monitoring. It has a high mobility for both electrons and holes, with a saturation velocity in excess of 10^7 cm/s for both. It is extremely radiation hard, and has a high dielectric strength. It is solar blind and low Z, meaning it has a low cross section for gamma background. It has a linear response to incident x-ray power over more than 11 orders of magnitude. It has the highest thermal conductivity (at room temperature) of any material.